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Lunch at Aux Enfantes Terribles

December 24th, 2012 | Posted by Ruby in France | Holidays | Winter - (Comments Off on Lunch at Aux Enfantes Terribles)

Since I don’t ski but seem to spend my winter holidays accompanying skiers, Jacques, his boys,, my grandchildren etc. I frequently find myself on various ski lifts heading to mid-slope lunch locations.  On this occasion, we were in the Peisey-Vallandry area with Jacques skiing within the Les Arcs slopes and based on fellow skiers recommendations he booked a table for us at the Restaurant Aux Enfantes Terrible for lunch.

Les Arcs landscape

Needless to say lunch was everything you’d expect from a top French restaurant – certainly unexpectedly heavenly given the logistical challenges of serving quality meals at around 1600 meter altitude.  A great opportunity for some photos and dazzling sunshine.

Peisey at Christmas

December 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Ruby in France | Holidays | Winter - (Comments Off on Peisey at Christmas)

A rather last minute arrangement resulted in Jacques and I staying in Peisey for our annual migration to the Alps for Christmas.  For J to ski and me to relax.



Although there was not much in the way of entertainment except the Alpage de Peisey – small family run pub, a short trip on the ski lift to Vallandry offered a lot more options.  However most evenings found us at the Alpage bar enjoying cocktails and an assortment of speciality beers for aperitifs.

Peisey 2


Le Papux, Conques and the Lot Valley

September 15th, 2012 | Posted by Ruby in Favourite Places | Holidays - (Comments Off on Le Papux, Conques and the Lot Valley)

Le Papux

Cycling to Le Rouget in the cooler mornings, lazy afternoons in the sun and bar-b-q’s in the evenings and of course lots of local wine.  The local drink La Liqueur de Gentiane is a rather garish yellow liqueur made from the yellow Gentiane plant that to my unaccustomed taste buds is rather awful, but you’ll see locals drinking it in the bars at 10 in the morning.  Jacques insisted on buying a bottle and knowing that it would go to waste if I didn’t help out,  I created a cocktail of Liqueur de Gentiane, orange juice and tonic water.  This made the Gentiane. so much more palatable even our neighbours, Paul and Mimi (locals all their lives), who popped round for aperitifs enjoyed it so much we ended up making another large jug.


We had already decided that any travelling would be done when we had overcast days.  So the following Sunday turned out be rainy and cold and perfect for travelling so we were off to Conques.  This is a classic medieval village where the relics of St Foy(Faith) remain.  With steep cobble stone paths and beautifully maintained (except for the usual touristy stuff) has some great examples architecture and construction dating back to the 1800’s, in particular the St Foy abbey church.

The Lot Valley

Enroute we passed a farm that had this row of vintage tractors.  Jacques has a rather comical attraction to tractors and has a few memories of riding on a neighbours tractor as a child that remains a highlight.


We stopped in the charming St Cirq Lapopie for lunch at Le Gourmet Quercynois specialises in all things Duck.

Le Chateau de Cenevieres with its view of the Lot River.