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Colin’s Half Century or not

September 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Ruby in Friends - (Comments Off on Colin’s Half Century or not)

A few weeks ago Rebekah started arranging Colin’s surprise 50th birthday party, the surprise being that he was in fact turning 49.  But since she caught him out on this 40th birthday with a surprise party she knew she wouldn’t get away with it a second time round so stole a march (or a year) on him.   Somehow she managed to keep it a secret, and right up until just before the party he was out ferrying kids to and from karate with not an inkling of the behind the scenes events.

When I arrived the party was well under way with champagne flowing freely and the teenage kids recruited to serve canapes.  The party was off to an excellent start.  Quite unexpectedly but nonetheless enjoyed by all, a nearby (unknown) neighbour put on a spectacular fireworks display that provided some gratuitous entertainment.

Having appointed myself the unofficial photographer for the night with camera in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other I roamed through the various rooms that were hosting groups of guests – the kitchen where all the foodie action was on the boil; the living room retaining a suitable level of decorum where guests relaxed in big comfy sofas; the dining room with a buffet dinner where the hungry or greedy were congregated; the billiard room where the teenagers were ‘hanging out’ once their waiting services were over; and the patio (hosting the liquid refreshments) where the hard core were camped within easy reach of the champagne, beer, wine…