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Summer in Auvergne – Le Rouget and St Clement

September 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Ruby in Favourite Places | Holidays

My favourite time of the year is summer.  I love the sun, the heat and the long summer days.  And having had so little summer in London this year I was feeling particularly cheated.  We had already decided that we would spend this summer holiday in Auvergne  at the cottage on Jacques family property in Le Papux.

Le Papux is where Jacques spent his first 7 years on and is strongly bond with – not least because his grandparents lived here and this is where he returned for holidays from Paris until his late teens.  More about Le Papux in the next post.

Our holiday started early on Saturday travelling down from Paris, stopping to buy some supplies and arriving late in the afternoon.  Up early on Sunday we were off to the local market at Le Rouget.

We were then off to St Clement for their annual Cockerel Feast with friends and family.  Starting with a Sunday Mass.

And what a feast it was.   A 4 course Sunday lunch in honour of the mighty cockerel, Coq au Vin served with a local speciality Truffade made with potatoes and fresh Tomme de Cantal(a local cheese).

This was followed by an afternoon of entertainment and dancing.

Then dinner was served – another 4 course meal!

The roast pig served with another local speciality Aligot – also made with potatoes and  the very same fresh Tomme de Cantal.

And more dancing.

A great day for young and old alike.

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