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April Bloomfield at St John’s

November 5th, 2012 | Posted by Ruby in Favourite Places

A few months ago Faith and I went to St John’s Restaurant in the West End for dinner.  It had been on my ‘must do’ eating out list for a long time, mostly because it serves some of my favourite kinds of offal dishes.

Needless to say the meal was everything I expected it would be and some.  Like a long remembered childhood pleasure re-experienced, St John’s offered reminders of the foods I so enjoy yet so seldom see on a menu.  Most people I know don’t eat offal, but having grown up with a step-father who served all variety of offal I not only learnt to eat it I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I went on to prepare these dishes for my daughters who both love offal.  I’m not just talking about the usual liver, kidneys and blood sausage, I’m also talking about tripe, tongue, trotters and the like.

Back to St John’s, while googling the restaurant I discovered that April Bloomfield, of Spotted Pig fame, would be making a guest cooking appearance at the end of October.  I duly booked and waited impatiently.

The 31st finally arrived – below a copy of the menu.

I would have loved to try the pig trotters but as there were only 2 of us this wasn’t an option.

But we thoroughly enjoyed the Devilled Eggs, Chicken Livers, Pigs ear salad, burgers – medium rare just the way I like them and then banoffee pie.  You may be wondering where the picture of the pig’s ear is  – well I’m afraid I got so excited I forgot to take a picture until after the empty plate was removed : (

All in all a memorable dinner and a signed book.  More later on these recipes.


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