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Making Contact

Our Contact Information:

Cheryl:  rubysfeast (at) gmail (dot) com

Cheriece: cblyth (at) gmail (dot) com

Faith:  faith.shorney (at) gmail (dot) com


Site Policy

The images and content on this site are my own work, unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in reproducing the work, please do so with appropriate attribution. For those interested in my photographs, please contact me via the email address above.

Regarding recipes: An up-to-date index of recipes featured on the site can be found here.

Regarding product and book reviews: While I will now and again link to products and buisnesses I like, it is not often that I review products. If you represent a product you think I might be interested in trying, please email me. I do reference cookbooks, choosing those that appeal to the way I cook and the flavours I enjoy. I do not offer paid reviews, for books or products, nor do I allow for editorial input or content from outside parties. All opinions are entirely my own.

Regarding advertising: I do not sell advertising space on Ruby’s Feast. If you would like, you can contact me nonetheless and I will file your information in case this policy changes. Thank you so much for your interest.

Regarding link exchanges: The list here is a reflection of the sites I frequent most often and are not the result of trade or reciprocity. If you have a site, please feel free to introduce yourself.  It’s always nice to discover new reads and make new friends.