A foodie family's diary of travel, food, and photos


Ruby’s feast is the diary of recipes, photos, travel and family events shared across 3 continents and four countries.  It’s about the day to day family lives of a mother and her 2 daughters and their combined obsession with food, cooking and photography.
Cheryl           IMG_8518-2
Lives in London and Costigliole D’Asti.  The bossy matriarch, and cooking since the age of 12, sees food as a series of taste sensations and cooking as a life-long culinary adventure.
Faith (aka baby)     
Living in London.  The younger daughter, an adventurous cook with a nutritional science bias, who spends most of her kitchen time creating those difficult pro-chef type dishes that most of us wouldn’t dream of attempting not least because the dirty dish count would reach triple digits.
Living in Costigliole D’Asti.  The older daughter and mother of 3  – Rylie, Kieran and Rourke.  A Cordon Bleu chef who spends most of her days cooking for a family of idiosyncratic eaters and friends who are not.
Cheriece’s extremely patient long-suffering husband. Who’s repeated refrain is “how can I possibly lose weight with so much temptation”.
The first grandchild.  An artist, a dancer and a perfectionist.
Kieran (aka Boy)    
The kid with the ‘can do’ attitude.  Funny, happy-go-lucky and budding rugby star.
Rourke (aka Mr Munchkin)    
Why Mr Munchkin?  Well when Cheriece was asked what name he answers to, her reply was: “If you open the fridge door you can call him anything and he’ll come running”
Some family pics:
Jacques teaching Rylie and Boy to ski